Work Principles

Business objectives are our priority.

We strive to find effective legal solutions for project.

Solid business support experience provides competitive advantages and confident market development to our clients.

Law firm for business

Debt Settlement

Solid Case experts develop effective legal strategy for collection of debts, penalties, fines and losses.

We prepare efficient contractual basis for the settlement of debt in the event of a counterparty bankruptcy risk.

We provide legal support in the collection of debts in pre-trial procedure: under existing contracts and security provided (pledges, sureties, guarantees, insurance etc.).

We take necessary actions in legal enforcement procedures, interact with banks and bailiffs to reimburse the funds.


Solid Case lawyers provide professional legal support for the broad list of issues:

  • Negotiations with the debtor on repayment plan and timing
  • Development of legal strategy and contractual framework for pre-trial settlement of the debt (offsetting, novation, assignment, transfer of debt, etc.)
  • Evaluation of bankruptcy risks of the counterparty and legal support of transactions considering the bankruptcy risks of the debtor
  • Crisis legal risk management
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Implementation of legal actions to recover debt from guarantors,sureties, sale of mortgaged property and others
  • Debt collection in courts of all levels
  • Interaction with the judicial authorities, the bailiff service, banks in order to organize debt collection by court decision in favor of the client

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