Work Principles

Business objectives are our priority.

We strive to find effective legal solutions for project.

Solid business support experience provides competitive advantages and confident market development to our clients.

Law firm for business


We ensure your business compliance with the law.

Our team of lawyers provide legal support for development and implementation of compliance system and anti-corruption policy in your business.

We develop the contractual framework considering the business specifics to reduce economic risks in the performance of contracts.

We organise and conduct compliance trainings for employees.

We evaluate the risks and provide legal check of business partners for reliability and bankruptcy.

Our lawyers protect business interests during the inspections of the state authorities.


Solid Case lawyers provide professional legal support for the broad list of issues:

  • Development and implementation of the compliance system in the business considering its specifics
  • Risk assessment of violation of the law in the business activities
  • Development of measures for elimination of the identified risks
  • Organization of legal and compliance trainings
  • Legal verification of counterparties for reliability and bankruptcy risks
  • Development of contract templates used in the company
  • Legal support in conducting internal compliance investigations

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