Work Principles

Business objectives are our priority.

We strive to find effective legal solutions for project.

Solid business support experience provides competitive advantages and confident market development to our clients.

Law firm for business

Competition and Antitrust

We protect the business from antitrust risks prior to antitrust investigation starts.

Eliminate the risk of significant antitrust fines - up to 10% of the company's annual revenue.

Our team of lawyers protect the interests of your business during antitrust investigation to avoid fines.

We provide legal support to abolish illegal administrative fines, decisions and orders issued by Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service.

We arrange for legal audit of business, to identify weaknesses and mitigate competition and antitrust risks.


Solid Case lawyers provide professional legal support for the broad list of issues:

  • Legal audit and risk assessment of the business for compliance with competition and antitrust regulations
  • Drafting contracts and corporate procedures in order to minimize antitrust risks, taking into account the industry specifics and business needs
  • Representation of interests in FAS Russia, in official investigations and administrative cases
  • Appealing of decisions of FAS Russia and fines in court
  • Drafting answers to the requests of FAS Russia, consultations, interaction on other issues with representatives of FAS Russia
  • Legal support of marketing and advertising issues, representation of interests of clients in advertising cases and investigations
  • Protecting business interests of the clients from unfair competition

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